Collaborative Pianist
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Teaching philosophy

As a former classroom music teacher, I believe piano study should be above all fun and life-enriching and can also open many doors into the exploration of all types of musical instruments and genres. Studies have shown that music training early in life helps children develop cortical organization, fine motor skills and emotional maturation and empathy. It is my great privilege and responsibility to be part of a child's development in this way.

I teach beginner to early advanced piano to all ages using a classical approach with an emphasis on music theory to achieve independence and music literacy. I also often bring my classroom experience to my private studio, incorporating Dalcroze eurythmics, singing, music history, and my training in Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. 

I teach piano at Ellsworth Community Music Institute on Wednesdays and at the Somesville Union Meeting House Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Please contact me for more details.